What are the best teenage jobs near me? If you are a high school student, recent graduate, or the parent of someone in this age bracket, you may need a few great answers to this question. Many great job opportunities exist for teens over the summer months, and there are even more opportunities for them to earn with side hustles, self-employment, and their own business ventures.

Every young person has their own interests, abilities, and level of drive and determination to find a summer job. This list includes many interesting options that will help answer the question about teenage jobs near me. You might be surprised at how different the choices are these days than when you or your parent first started working decades ago.

Summer Internships

Although not the highest paying options, internships at large companies can give you a foot in the door for your future career. They are also quite attractive on your resume and can contribute to your overall education as you prepare to enter college. If you have a long-term goal in place, the best summer jobs for teens are ones that help you achieve your goal as soon as possible.

Tourism or Recreation Jobs

Summer is the time for travel, tourism, and recreation. These types of jobs for teens near you run the gamut from table service at a resort to giving tours at a zoo to rideshare driving near a popular tourist spot. No matter what, you need a good customer-focused persona and a fun attitude to excel in these summer jobs for teens.

Childcare – Private or Organized

With kids out of school during the summer months, families search for full-time childcare providers that can provide safety and fun for everyone. It is a lucrative time to become a babysitter. If you do not want to work directly with a single-family, other summer jobs for teenagers in this field include assistance at a childcare center or camp counselor work.

Retail and Restaurants

Many shops and eateries hire teenagers for summer work. These days, many companies of all sizes are struggling to get quality applicants in the door. If you do decide to work in a shop, fast food joint, or restaurant, make sure you are paid a fair wage and have set hours.

Start a Business or Go Freelance

What are the best teenage jobs near me? You may be surprised that top options are not jobs at all. Instead of working for someone else and punching a time clock every day of your summer break, why not take the initiative to start a business or offer your skills freelance to others online. While some legal issues and specific rules may get in the way of people under eighteen formerly filing for business ownership or using certain freelance platforms, there are still many options to choose from. Selling products or services directly online gives you the flexibility to change your schedule when a beach trip with friends comes up or you want to spend time with your family.