Early morning jobs may seem like torture to some people who need a snooze alarm and a half pot of coffee to get started before 10 AM. However, for those who call themselves morning people, there are many options for increasing your income with tasks traditionally done before many people get to the office. Some of these are available part-time from a variety of different employers. Other options include work at home opportunities and self-run businesses. The following best early morning jobs can help you start every day off right for higher earnings, more control over your schedule, and less disruption of personal time later in the day.

Food Preparation and Serving

One of the most popular types of early morning jobs involves working with food. Bakeries, coffee shops, diners, bed and breakfasts, and similar venues open up very early to entice the breakfast crowd and sell things to people on their way to work. The people who work there, especially bakers, cooks, and other people who actually make the food get there even earlier. A baker may start work at 3 or 4 AM every morning. If you like to cook and serve customers, food preparation and service may be a great early morning job for you.

Newspaper, Mail, and Package Delivery

If a physical newspaper still exists in your location, delivering it is an excellent early morning job to consider. All you need to do is drive around the neighborhood and get the paper on everyone's driveway or porch. Postal workers and those employed by package delivery services also start early in the morning. The popularity of e-commerce and delivery make it easier than ever before to get this type of work in the early hours of the day. Short and long-haul truck drivers also tend to get started early in the morning to reach their destination during regular hours.

Travel and Tourism

While many people on vacation do not wake up early, that is not true for those still trying to get to their destination. Pilots, flight attendants, airport and train station workers, and support staff related to these industries can find early morning jobs with ease. After all, transportation never sleeps, and there has to be someone taking care of business at all times.

Farm, Garden, and Landscaping Work

In the busy seasons, anyone in the business of growing things or making sure that growth stays under control tends to start early. This is especially true of people on farms who rise with the sun since animals and fields depend on them. If you want to create your own business that functions primarily in the earlier mornings, gardening or landscaping may be a great option. That way, you can toil when it is still cooler outside and go home for a rest in the hot afternoon.

Some of the best early morning jobs are those you create for yourself. If you have the flexibility of freelancing, running your own small business, or engaging in side hustles, you can set your own hours with ease. Unless it is specifically customer-focused, no one will even know if you design their website or write to their book at 5 AM instead of after lunch.