Substitute teachers are constantly in demand. Many reasons exist that cause a regular teacher to be absent including maternity leave, vacation time, and personal days. Substitute teachers are called in to teach in classrooms with children who would otherwise be without a teacher for a single day, a few days, or even throughout a whole semester. The latter usually occurs due to illness or maternity leave.

Even though they are responsible for the safety and well-being of the students under their care and the educational aspect of teaching as a whole, substitute teachers do not make as much as regular ones. Ultimately, the decision to become a substitute teacher depends more on interest in helping children learn and the intention to become a full-term educator in the future. No one gets into it for the money.

Hourly Pay for Substitute Teachers

As mentioned above, no one becomes a substitute teacher because it promises riches or even a reasonable full-time income. Although rates vary considerably from state to state, the average national per-hourly wage is only around $14. When you add this very low wage to the fact that most substitute teachers only work a few days here and there, it becomes obvious that it does not provide sufficient income to live off.

How Frequently Do Substitute Teachers Work?

One of the biggest deciding factors in how much these part-time teachers earn on a yearly basis depends on how many days of actual work they get. Substitute teachers are paid by the day, although some may work only half days if a teacher has to leave unexpectedly. In these cases, it is more common for schools to shift students into another classroom rather than take the time to call in a substitute may not be on hand. However, the option exists.

Substitute teachers are generally attached to one or more school districts in the state they are licensed in. They may have to commute a considerable distance to get to the school that needs their help. This is generally not compensated for. Instead, they earn a set amount such as $120 per day they are on-site and helping students learn. This could happen one time per week or they may get a long-term assignment of twenty days or more.

Even though they are equally responsible for the safety, well-being, and learning of the students in their care, substitute teachers are some of the lowest paid professionals in the educational industry. However, if you are looking for a full-time teaching position or are a retired teacher who wants to bring in a bit of extra money in your chosen field, becoming a substitute makes sense. It is an opportunity to earn a bit more for occasional work and the reward of helping shape a brighter future for children.