Your journey toward financial independence, debt-free living, and wealth accumulation may be set back if you rely on a single paycheck to get you there. It is not always possible to get raises sufficient to save more, pay off credit cards and medical bills, and invest in intelligent ways. As long as you have a car, however, you can make money with side gigs that make it all possible.

Top Side Gig Options for You and Your Car

These freelance opportunities or side hustles allow you to use your vehicle and clean driving record to increase your income considerably. Earmark the extra money to pay off debt, increase your emergency fund, or save up for big expenses later in life.

Uber, Lyft, and Rideshare Gigs

One of the first and most popular ways to earn extra cash with your car involves driving people around a bit like a taxi. Uber and Lyft are the two most popular options. Your car does need to qualify, and they do some background checks on you, as well. As long as you pass, you can make yourself available on your own convenient schedule to drive people around your area.

The extra money you make will come both from the number of miles you drive and any tips given by the riders themselves. Operating in busy locations at peak hours with great customer service skills can earn you quite a bit. People in rural areas without a lot of nightlife may find it more difficult to earn, and you may have to drive longer distances to get people into more active areas. Ultimately, it is up to your availability matching with people's needs for transportation that will determine how much money you make.

DoorDash, UberEats, and Delivery Gigs

If you prefer a side gig that does not require as much interaction with people, consider driving for a delivery app focused on restaurant pickups. Again, you can do this on your own schedule, so it works well around another job, school, or leisure activities. Whenever you need some extra money, open the app, hop in your car, and deliver excellent service along with a take-out order.

These delivery systems are becoming much more common in all communities both urban and rural. In fact, they are the only option for many places where restaurants do not have their own delivery team. Of course, you can make the most money if you are available during regular meal times or late at night.

Besides platforms and apps like those listed above for rideshare or delivery gigs, you may also be able to find private opportunities from specific companies or organizations. For example, many people get a part-time job at a pizza parlor or other delivery-style restaurant and only work from that one place. Businesses or organizations that help the elderly in a community may hire drivers for transportation or handling chores like grocery pickup and more. As long as you have a clean driving record and a reliable vehicle, you can make more money with side gigs around your existing schedule.