Reselling clothes online involves getting rid of pieces you already have in your closet or finding and selling used clothing and accessories on a variety of platforms and other online sales sites. If you want to start reselling clothing and getting in on this potentially lucrative work at home business, compare two of the top venues before you begin: Depop vs. Poshmark.

The internet has made it easy for people to resell clothes online. People use sites like these to sell second-hand clothing that they no longer wear. People who buy these clothes will often pay less than they would if they bought them retail, which is the big draw that attracts many fashionistas and everyday people who simply want something to wear for less.

Pros and Cons of Depop

Depop is based in the United Kingdom, so it makes sense to focus on this platform if you live there or in your Europe. One of the biggest advantages of either site is the ability to attract customers close to you so shipping charges are not outrageous. This clothing sales platform focuses on a younger demographic and trendier clothing options. The vast majority of shoppers here are under twenty-six years old.

Mobile listings are simple but not the focus
More personal control over return policies
Fewer payment options – no VenMo
International shipping options reduce costs for US sellers

Pros and Cons of Poshmark

Poshmark is an exceptionally popular site that is centered in North America. At any time, there are over 100 million pieces of clothing for sale. Because it is so well-known, it seems like it would be easier to get shoppers' eyes on your products, but the sheer number of options could detract attention. It is primarily focused on brand-name clothing, so do not expect to sell cheap lots of no-name T-shirts there. While Poshmark has many similarities with Depop, it does cater to a slightly older demographic. Many shoppers here are millennials in their 30s rather than Gen Z 20-year-olds.

Host virtual parties with other sellers and shoppers
Price negotiation is a common part of this site
Extremely straightforward listing process
Strict rules about returns, refunds, and customer support

Both sites have a rather strong social aspect. Instead of simply posting a piece of clothing for sale and leaving it alone like you would on eBay, the world's most popular auction site, it makes sense to engage with shoppers, other sellers, and people in similar ways like you would on social media.

Ultimately the decision about whether Depop or Poshmark are better for selling clothes is a personal decision. It makes sense to go with the platform in your area to minimize confusion about different currencies and save on shipping charges. However, many fashion sellers try out both platforms to see where they get the most attention on the outfits they no longer want.