This guide will help you find some of the best side gigs available. The gig economy has become one of the hottest topics in pop culture and in the workforce of the world. With more people around the world looking to get ahead and earn extra money than ever, there are growing opportunities for people to earn money by doing side work in various industries. If you want to earn a bit of extra side income, you might be overwhelmed by all the different options.

The Top Line

  • Side gigs are becoming an increasingly common way for people around the world to bring in some extra income.
  • There are various side gigs to choose from in dozens of different industries.
  • It’s important to enjoy your side gig, so that you can have fun and make money at the same time.
  • This article provides you with an overview of the 10 best side gigs that you can use to bring in extra money.

If you’re wondering where to get started, then this article will be valuable information for you. In it, we will cover the 10 best side gigs right now. It’s important to note that you aren’t limited to the methods listed in this article or the methodology that most people use when deploying these side gigs. You can put your own twist on them or explore other side gigs, should you see fit.

Here are the 10 best side gigs to get started with.

Restaurant Delivery

If you have some time in the evenings and reliable transportation, you can take advantage of the restaurant food-ordering business. Yes, you can become a restaurant delivery person in a matter of minutes. You can do this by simply signing up to one of the many services that connect restaurants with individuals looking to make some extra money on the side.

As a restaurant delivery person, you can take in a fee per delivery that you make, along with tips that you make along the way.

Grocery Delivery

Delivery services are not just limited to restaurants these days. Grocery delivery has become more popular than ever. With good transportation and a little drive, you can become a grocery delivery person. Once again, you can rake in some income on a per-delivery basis along with any tips you get. One of the most popular services for grocery delivery is Instacart.


If you like driving and have a decent vehicle, you can make money by driving people around. There are plenty that would love a ride to the airport or a lift back from the downtown bars on a Saturday night. You can make money based on how far you drive and you can also make some extra money with the tips that you bring in. A popular service to help you earn money with driving is HyreCar.

Work as a Freelance Editor or Writer

Do you have a way with words? Have you always had a passion for writing and proofreading? If so, you might be a good fit for a job as a freelance editor or writer with Flexjobs. Flexjobs is a service that connects you with businesses and individuals that are in need of writers and editors to produce quality content. There are other jobs available on the site, as well.

Work as a Freelance Designer

If you have always had an inclination towards graphic design and other types of design, then a freelance designer job might be right for you. Luckily, these are more in demand than ever, especially on freelance sites such as Fiverr. If you want to earn a nice side income and have fun while doing it, then you should try out putting up a freelance design gig on Fiverr.


Babysitting is one of the best ways to make side money and has been for a while. However, the industry has changed. Most families in need of a babysitter now look online for one. That means that you should have an online presence if you hope to be found by a family or individual that wants to hire someone for babysitting. One of the best sites to be on for a freelance babysitter is Sittercity. With Sittercity, you can instantly connect with families that need a babysitter.

Dog Sitting/Walking

Do you have a love for dogs and don’t mind spending more time with them in your spare time? If so, you might have the right skills and motivation to be a dog sitter or dog walker. These individuals are in high demand these days, as people with dogs don’t have enough time to adequately walk them or spend time with them. If you want to get some exposure as a dog sitter or dog walker, then you should sign up with Rover. This service connects you with individuals who own a dog and are looking for some help in caring for it.

Sell Your Crafts Online

If you are crafty and love to make art and decorations, then you have probably thought about making a business out of your hobby more than once. This is one of the most common side gigs, and the great thing about it is that everyone has a different style and specific taste. If you want to make side money, a great way to do it is with RedBubble. With RedBubble, you can sell your crafts and art online to make a side income--and you can have fun doing it!


Are you looking to do a bit of everything and you’re comfortable using a computer? If so, then FlexJobs might be the right option for you. FlexJobs is an at-home side gig job board that allows you to apply for various side jobs that you can do to meet the needs of companies around the world that want to hire online workers. With FlexJobs, it is easier than ever to connect with companies in need, since you won’t have to put up your own website or be in charge of advertising. You simply make an account and apply to one of the thousands of jobs that are available.