Each day, online bank accounts are becoming increasingly popular as people are able to open bank accounts from a variety of providers and have convenient access to their accounts whenever they want to. This guide will show you how to open an online bank account and show you the steps that must be taken if you want to gain access to the convenient features that an online bank account provides.

The Top Line

  • Online bank accounts provide access to convenient features such as online transfers, mobile deposits, and other features that make managing your financial life easier.
  • There are a variety of providers of online bank accounts, with hundreds of banks around the country offering the service.
  • If you want to enjoy the full range of benefits that online bank accounts have to offer, then you need to know what to look for in an online bank account and what steps to take to open your account.
  • Our-step-by step guide to opening an online bank account will help you open a bank account online in a stress-free manner, making it easier than ever to bank online.

Opening an Online Bank Account: Step-by-Step

Our convenient step-by-step guide to opening an online bank account will help you truly enjoy the full range of benefits that online banks have to offer. Here are the steps that you should take if you want to open an online bank account.

Step 1: Research the Options

The first step in the process is to research all of your options. With so many different types of online bank accounts available to you, it's important that you do your research so that you will know which option is best for you. You should research the various bonuses, benefits, and promotions that some of the banks will offer from time-to-time. If you are lucky, you can even take advantage of promotions that will reward you with cash to open an account and meet a minimum spend.

Step 2: Prepare Your Information

Now that you know which account that you want to open and you have planned it out in a way that will allow you to receive the maximum benefits possible, it's time to prepare all of the information that you will need to open the account. Most banks require that you provide certain information that includes identifying information, a social security number, and other documentation that you must make available upon request. The better that you prepare for this need, the faster that you will be able to open your account and enjoy the benefits that come along with it.

Step 3: Take Action--Apply!

Finally, when you have everything ready, it's time to open your online bank account. Go through the online application process that the bank has made available to you and answer any questions and provide any documentation that they request. Usually, they will let you know right away whether they have approved your account. Once you are approved, you will be sent your debit card and you'll be ready to start using your new online bank account!